How to make a BP-Daily Child Theme for Sub-Blogs

I'd like to make a default sub-blog theme from BP-Daily.

I started following the instructions here, but got a little lost as BP-Daily has a lot more folders and functions than the default theme.

And, I'd like it to be a child-theme....keeping almost everything (headers, colors, etc) from the main site. Essentially, only allowing a page of that member's blog entries, with a BP profile (Brajesh's plugin) hard-coded into the sidebar.

I'm guessing that it's easiest to start with the existing BP-Daily-Child theme and simply change the functions it pulls from the parent.

Can you give some guidance?


  • tonydbaker

    Originally, I thought a child theme was a theme that had the same look and feel as the "parent" site. Obviously I realized I was wrong once I read through everything.

    In a situation where you want a buddypress site where everybody can share ideas, and contribute to the content of the home page, but not necessary have their own "design" like, then a related theme with less options but the same design would seem to be the perfect solution.

    Another example would be a franchise that has 30 locations that have unique content for their sub-domain, but yet have the same corporate look and feel as the main site, which also has tons of more resources.

    I have use for both! :slight_smile:

  • Tammie

    @all: Not sure really what you mean with this one. The way child themes work is you can make any changes and the parent remains unchanged. So, if you wanted a parent to have changes then you could but the issue there is when we update a theme you'd have to change the files you adjusted again. You can't have a child or a child either. There is also no need to convert our themes to work on single wordpress as they do out of the box even without buddypress... yes you will have theme options and the extra files but they work without converting.

    Hope that clarifies some of the confusion up. Not sure what you mean @tonydbaker about child and parent themes because a child theme should be exactly that - it inherits all the parent has and goes beyond. Child themes are not just for keeping the parent theme clean and updateable they are also to allow theme reuse and things like colour changes, css changes and so on without touching core code.

  • georgef

    Hey Tammie,

    I think the concept might have been described with the wrong terminology.

    If tonydbaker is referring to the same thing I am, it's to use the BP daily theme on both buddypress and a sub blog.

    In my case I would like BP Daily as the default theme and only give supporters the option to change that.

    So let's say I want free members to use BP daily as there only default theme, would I just use the exact same BP daily theme? Or would I need to have something else setup?


  • exberry

    (A) I have same problem. When I post "P" to a sub-blog, and assign it category "C", and set the sub-blog's [site-admin, blog, edit-blog] checking BP Daily and WPMU themes only, the blog still appears in WP default theme and cannot be seen. Unchecking WPMU does the same thing.

    (B) However, if I now select category "C", it lists post "P" in the sub-blog. Clicking on the title takes me to the full sub-blog post inside the BP Daily theme ... which is exactly what I want to happen!

    I am using "groupblog" in case that is relevant here.

    Question 1: How do I make the paths described in (A) display the post in BP Daily as in (B).

    Question 2: How do I stop (A) from happening, i.e., going to WP default theme and getting nowhere?

  • Tammie

    @georgef: Well if you wanted to only have without theme options you could turn that off using the functions.php file but it will require hacking to make the theme options link not work and goes beyond basic support to do so but it is possible.

    I however would add that the point most people have in being part of a community is having their own 'part' therefore making people have to use the same design and format even colours without any method of showing their personal identity often doesn't go down too well. At least allow things like custom headers or colour changing I'd say. It all depends on the reasons you have behind fixing them to one theme.

    @exberry: I'm really sorry but I don't overly understand what you are saying. I got confused with P and A and B parts... I assume you are using some plugin but not sure what and even if it's one of ours. If it is a plugin that is ours please post the issue and we can get it supported or if it's someone elses you may need to ask them. I apologise though as I didn't understand what the issue really is for you.

  • exberry

    The BP Manual has section:
    "Enabling your BuddyPress theme for your main blog only"

    This begs the question of how to enable a BP theme for all blogs.

    Does selecting a BP theme here prevent the BP theme from being used for all blogs?

    In Edit Blog, Blog Theme, it lists "BP Daily" but not "BP Daily Child" as shown in the BP Manual. So I can only select "BP Daily." Is this stopping BP Daily Child from being used in sub-blogs?

    Is showing only "BP Daily" an error in the Manual or is it an error in my BuddyPress setup?

  • Tammie

    @exberry: No selecting the theme for the main blog does not mean you can't for the others but you'd have to under settings enable it for access to all blogs. Those themes are just for illustration you can use the child or the child theme it's up to you what you use and what combination. It's not an error in the manual it's just there for illustration.

    Let me get this clear you are saying you can either do which of these:

    1. Not enable BuddyPress Daily for the main blog?
    2. Not enable BuddyPress Daily for the sub blogs / other blogs than main blog?

    Child or parent doesn't matter as long as you've set them under site admin to show which is a step you have to do with WPMU and is outlined in the manual you can use either parent or child. Many only activate the child but you could do either it's if you do edits it's ideal that you use the child theme and keep the parent safe.

  • exberry

    I cannot find where to do this: "but you'd have to under settings enable it for access to all blogs"

    I have BP Daily working fine for the main blog. I have BP Daily selected as the only theme in all sub-blogs. I also have a post in all sub-blogs done from Admin.

    The result depends upon the path I take to get to the sub-blog:

    1. If I select the Category assigned to the post, I get a list of the posts. Selecting a post takes me properly to the post in the sub-blog using the BP Daily theme.

    2. If I select Blogs, I get a list of the main blog plus the sub-blogs. Doing "Visit Blog" for the main blog takes me to a BP Daily blank page with no way to display its posts.

    2a. Doing "Visit Blog" for a sub-blog takes me to a BP Daily page saying "Sorry, we can't find the content you're looking for at this URL. Please try selecting a menu item from above or to the side of this message to get where you'd like to go."

    2b. Doing "Visit Blog" for a sub-blog created from a Group using the "groupblog" plugin, takes me to the WP Default theme which has no post. Selecting "Comment" gives a 404 error.

  • Tammie

    @exberry: can you try without any plugins and see if it's a plugin causing the issues. Or are you trying to get something done with a plugin. Sorry but I need clarification and it's probably me being a bit slow on the uptake about what you mean (my apologies but it sounds not like the normal set up). Perhaps linking for me to see this and telling me links to see these issues would be good. However, also try without plugin or if it is a specific plugin functionality list that plugin for me.

    @gregfielding: You will want to remove those options in functions.php 's linked files under functions/ It's not something I've done before but with a bit of coding knowledge it can be for you it's just going to require some heavier editing for you to work through. There is no such thing as a grandchild theme you will have to edit the theme to have the options you want or not.

  • exberry


    I deactivated the groupblog plugin. The only plugin left is BuddyPress. The results are the same as before.

    Here are instructions so you can check my site in progress:

    The active category is USA1:*Constitution. This will allow to see the test posts.

    The other active Category is Climate:*Climate Debate.

    Try to get to the same posts using Blogs and you will see the problem.

    The one "Visit Blog" that takes you to the WP Default theme is the one I created from a Group using the plugin I have now deactivated, but "Visit Blog" has retained the programming of the now retired plugin. While the groupblog plugin sends "Visit Blog" to a different place than those created without the plugin, all posts have the problem of not being accessible from the Blogs menu.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Tammie

    @exberry: Could you start a new thread with this in please as this is not to do with the theme as I think you will see if you try the default theme? If you do indeed find the problem persists with the default theme we need to get more people to view it so just start a new posts if possible with the issue. If it is fine with the normal theme we still need a new thread to find out what is going on but please mark it with the Daily theme as a tag. Sorry but this is definitely a point for another thread and I can't recreate it so fairly sure you if use the default BuddyPress theme will see the same thing as in it's something to do with set up.

    You are aware when you say categories that those are blogs not categories yes?

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