How to Make a Clean / Empty Dashboard for 'Users'

I'm trying to figure out how to make a clean dashboard for user. Primarily:

How can I remove the 'Wordpress Blog' and 'Other Wordpress News' when someone logs in as a 'user'.

Just like when we view our dashboard here at WPMUDev... Nice and clean. No primary or secondary widgets.

Cheers. Martin

  • Martin Koss
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    I'm sorry to labor the point but I have the Remove Dashboard Widgets plugin activated and the only things removed are the wordpress blog and other wordpress news.

    Subscribers do not need to see, for example, the widget added by Custom Content Dashboard Widget, or 'The Latest News From [Plugin Developer]'...

    When I asked about a 'clean' dashboard, I meant completely clean.


  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi Martin,

    I'm really not sure of another plugin that can selectively hide dashboard widgets based on user criteria except for the Membership plugin.

    With Membership you can attach a user role to a Membership level, of course. And there's a dashboard widget rule that you can use to hide the dashboard widgets based on membership levels which you specify.

    If it's only the main site on your network that you're concerned about hiding the dashboard widgets from Subscribers on, this may be a very feasible way to do it.

    Though, if you're willing to do just a tidbit of coding, you could take a look at the following post which shows you how to disable dashboard widgets. And you could simply wrap that with a user_can() function to disable them based on user roles.

    I believe this could easily be included in your theme's functions.php file for simplicity. Just a thought. I'll be glad to throw together a snippet you can just copy and paste right into your functions.php file if you like.


  • Martin Koss
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Thanks David. On this one I have edited the actual plugin files.
    On my main (root) site I have Yoast for SEO (haven't got round to installing your SEO Plugins yet) but that mean that subscribers / users were seeing the unnecessary 'Latest News From Yoast' in their dashboard.

    Another note in my snippets file for what to do after updates! Grr!

    But it worked. Other than the custom Dashboard widget added with the WPMU plugin for that, there is nothing left on the dashboard.


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