How to make a clone of multisite which have multidb?

How to make a clone of multisite which have multidb? I need a copy of my network on different domain and server for development purpose. Could you provide a step by step instruction so that it could be a reference thread for others..

  • Ivan

    Hi Ajay,

    Sorry for the confusion, I was meaning Snapshot.

    But that might not work as both of the plugins are fairly complex and and you might even need to use the same credentials for MySQL
    You can make a snapshot including all your files and databases from the old site.
    Then you can upload the snapshot to your new location, you already should have installed new WordPress multi-db site with Snapshot there. At this point you should upload the archive and Snapshot should tell you that is from different domain and will ask you to update the information.

    I am not sure if anyone ever tried this approach.

    What should work in your case is simply download all the WordPress files from old domain, and export the databases from phpMyAdmin or similar tool.
    Then using some text editor you can find and replace all the matching "" with your ""
    Upload them to your new hosting and make sure you have the correct MySQL credentials.

    I will go with the firs suggestion only if I like to see the result and experiment, if I need results I will go with the second one.
    If I have a time I will try with the first solution in next couple of days to see if there are any problems.


  • Ajay M Aravind

    Thanks Ivan,

    Probably I will be hitting success in a couple of days due to few works done by the time you comment. I had made the copy run probably by doing something like your step 2.

    My suggestion: Snapshot is terrible with huge multisites. So I don't have a hope there.

    Manual Porting is the best in my case and about multi-db, there are few things one should check while porting, Will post it here after having my network ported completely.

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