How to make a new taxonomy use the category listing template


This refers to a multisite install and the issue is on a child site called /directory

I created a new taxomony used on listings called: listing_location

I can not make it display listings in the same format as the default listing_category loaded with the directory plugin.

I have tried adding a new file called taxonomy-listing-location.php to my child theme but this is just ignored.

I have copied the contents of the dr_listinglist.php. But it just displays the theme’s own archive layout as per blog posts etc.

I have seen the home listings page has the following code that includes a shortcode:

<?php get_header() ?>

<div id="content"><!-- start #content -->
<div class="padder">
<?php echo do_shortcode( '[dr_list_categories style="grid"]' ); ?>
</div><!-- end #content -->

<?php get_footer() ?>

Do i need to do something similar for new archive pages?

(to confirm my child theme works as intended: I do have a file called single-listing.php in the same child theme and the changes made here do show correctly.)

Can you please advise. (support access is open)