How To Make A Social Invite Plugin Pull Referral Link From Another plugin

It was recommended in a chat session that I see if anybody can help solve this challenge.

I am currently using and would like it to communicate with

With the premium version of the social invite, you can create your own template and then lock it down so that users wont abuse the invite process. I am looking for the ability to pull the referral link from wp-mlm.

in the invite plugin, they use, as an example %%siteurl%% and I would like to have the ability to use, say %%referrallink%% in the template and then add it to the invite template.

Is this possible and any ideas on how to make it happen?

Thanks in advance for your help...

  • aristath

    Hello again @Thomas Edgell,

    I'm afraid I don't quite understand what you want to do...
    How will WP-MLM be used exactly?
    Will WP-MLM simply be a plugin installed on your site?
    And how do you want to "integrate" it exactly?

    Have you thought of posting that question in the actual WP-MLM support site?
    We don't have access to that plugin so it's kinda difficult for us to advise on it...


  • Thomas Edgell

    Wpmlm creates a referral link when a person registers for the website. I know that the registered users referral link has a place in the db that can be called by the social invite plugin and added to the invitation using something like %%referrallink%%. It would not be beneficial for people to invite others to the website without the referral link because then they would not get credit for the new registrations.

    The social invite uses the following to create messages:
    You can use the following placeholders on your message:
    %%INVITERNAME%%: Display name of the inviter
    %%SITENAME%%: Name of your website - Set A Wake Up Call
    %%ACCEPTURL%%: Link that invited users can click to accept the invitation and register
    %%INVITERURL%%: If Buddypress is enabled, URL to the profile of the inviter
    %%CUSTOMURL%%: A custom URL that you can edit with a simple filter
    %%CURRENTURL%%: Prints the url where the widget was clicked
    %%CURRENTTITLE%%: Title of the post / page where the widget was clicked

    So I am looking to create the %%referrallink%% in order to call the referral link to be added to the messages.

    Contacting the other plugins is an option, however, it was suggested to ask the forum first... Since I know that you are amazing at what you do for everybody...

  • Vaughan

    Hi @Thomas Edgell,

    I'm not sure how easy that would be, you'd need to track them somehow, unless they arrive at the site directly at that link, and then decide to sign up there and then, but if they decide to browse around the site first, they would lose the referall code in the URL unless there's something there to track the link, like a cookie or something. This would be similar to how our own affiliates plugin keeps track of referrals.

    I think you would certainly need to have this custom coded. The plugin developers might be able to help with this, or at least give you some pointers of what you'd need to do, you could then either try this yourself, or hire a developer to could do the custom coding for you.

    Hope this helps

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