how to make ad always go to the next / new line

On our website's homepage,, there is an ad unit that we want to be centered underneath the content and right above the section that says "You May Like". Here is a link to a screenshot , the ad unit that says "Free Quest Bar Shipping" is the ad that we want to move so that it is beneath the content and right above the section that is labelled "You May Like".

The website is very new, so there is only one post so far. But, as we publish posts, there will be more posts in the grid on the homepage. But no matter how many posts there are on a given page, we always want the google ad unit to be centered and right above the section labelled "You May Like." Please advise as to how to do this.

If it is helpful, I have granted wpmu support access through the wp plugin.

Thanks for your help.

I Solved the issue, thanks