How To Make Category a Homepage?

Hello there. I don’t want to install multisite because I have to pay extra for Vaultpress and also because some of my plugins are not compatible.

There is only one feature of Multisite I would like, and that was to make each category a homepage, so I could of created a multisite for Gaming for example, and then that would appear at but instead of being archive.php it would be a new homepage, as it would be a multisite. Of course I could also have done subdomains, but these days they all work the same in the eyes of a search engine.

So, my question is: How do I make my categories appear as homepages instead of archive.php?

I don’t mind each post still appearing as the main site, I just want to customise the categories so they act more like a seperate site homepage.

How would I go about doing this?

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    Hi @ashley Pearson,

    Usually this would be done in your theme template files. You could create a file called archive-category.php and all categories will use that instead of archive.php

    So depending on how your theme is setup, you might even be able to duplicate your home page template file, and just rename it to “archive-category.php” That’s a best case scenario and doesn’t work with all themes, but it’s worth at shot.

    Best regards,

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