How to make e-shop like etsy?

Hi all,

how can I make e-shop like etsy on provision base where multiple users can register and add their own products?

The website has to be fully editable like CMS and admin can change everything on the website. The website should work independly of you in the future and should be very easy changeble by us (themes, design…:wink:.

The website has to be multilinguall.

The webpage should be very quickly in response also by a lots of users.

For examples look at,,,,

There should be graphs and tables of daily, weekly, monthly, yearly sales of the whole sales and sales of individuals.

The system should count every person and should count how much is the provision for the company, which provides it and how much money should be sent to the seller.

The eshop system panel should have every seller its own – very good manageble, with tables, graphs of sales, transprotation and visit of his own products.

Every seller has to have its own profile, own pictures, and can add pictures of products, descripton, comments.

Every customer can add comments.

It has to be connected with social networks.

There should be a very good search engine.

The regitered sellers can add videos to their produts.

Admin can add videos into the website.

It inclueds:

– panel of products in categories – which are selling currently

– panel with pictures of newest products on the webpage

– panel with pictures of currently added products

– panel with pictures of currently selled products

– panel with information of how many products are currantly in the shop by how many producers

– blogs (the summary of last 10 on the home page)

– news (the summary of last 3 on the home page)

– comments (the summary of last 5 on the home page)

Which plugins are needed? What are the steps to make such e-shop?

Thanks for your advice :slight_smile: