How to make GA display correctly for multisite in Google GA reporting and subsite dashboard?


I am using the wpmudev GA plugin. I have it network activated. I have the setting current in the subsite as well.

1. The GA analytics do not show in the dashboard area and it has been a while (weeks now) since I installed it. How can I fix?

2. In GA (on actual Google), I have one general GA account I have used for years. Then, I created a sub-account inside that account for the new multisite I installed/created. When I go into the sub-account in GA, it seems to show info coming in BUT (and this is a big but) I can not distinguish the subdomain (i.e. the domain mapped multisite subsites) traffic from the primary multisite WP install as all the traffic and info only has, for example:


...etc, etc, etc, (you get the point).

I need to be able to see the domain it is actually coming from in like:


...and so on...

Please let me know what needs to be do on both #1 and #2.

Thanks a lot.