How To Make It Search Your Site… THE WHOLE THING!

i have installed the Google custom search. and i really like the option to use google for my search. however i cant get it to find what i want on my site

here is my set up:

WordPress multi-site

I have installed the Google search as an individual plugin not global

i pretty much have left the Google costume search to default, added my URL the the search. how ever i am wondering about a couple of setting on adding a my URL

1. include all pages whose address contains this URL

2. include just this specific page or URL pattern i have entered

3.dynamically extract links from this page and include them in my search engine

i understand these setting (i hope). i have choose number 1 because i want it to find all of my pages, my posts, categories, and most of all MARKETPRESS. i can not find the proper configure ration to make all this come together for my site…

when i search my site i get nothing or other site form companies i don’t want to show. i do have the adsense enabled on the consume search. but when i do search all i get a result like if i was on Google…

So just so i make it clear im trying to make the Google custom search work on my site searching my posts, pages, products, everything… can anyone please help me with the understanding of this option? please