How to make minimise/maximise button bigger, speed up the chat, how to do one-to-one chat etc.

Hi, I have set up Chat on my site and have a few questions about how to get it working the way I want:

* The minimise/maximise button is tiny, how can I make it easier to see?
* Why is there a 2-3 second delay between pressing Send and my comment appearing in the chat?
* How can I do one-to-one chat with an individual user?
* On my work computer, I can't see the Chat either on the pages or in the forums. Is there an anti-virus or popup blocker that is likely to prevent the chat from showing?

Many thanks


  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi there @Katie

    I hope you are well today!

    The minimise/maximise button is styled to fit in the toolbar. As the bar is very thin, the button needs to be rather small.

    The message appearance delay is controlled in Settings Common under Poll Intervals. You can set the intervals there. Also check if Polling Source Type is set to "Plugin Ajax". It uses less resources than WordPress Ajax.

    The admin or moderator can initiate a private chat with a user by clicking the little lock icon next to any message from that user. Users can only initiate private chats with users they have friended. That requires either BUddyPress or our Friends plugin.

    As for the chat not displaying on certain machines, it is possible that a browser addon/extension is blocking it. Have you tried disabling them (if you can do that at work)?

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