How to make more statistic pages


Hi want to make more default/additional statistic pages for the user blogs.
So, when a user created a new blog and choose a template then the blog shows autmatic 4 pages (with different sjabloons).

Like: profile (about), map, photo's, video's.



  • Andrew
    • Champion of Loops

    Are you asking how to create additional pages when blogs are setup? If so you can add additional pages either via a custom plugin by editing wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php. You'll need to duplicate the chunk of code on lines 192-208.

    If you're asking about how to create these pages *and* how to add the content to them then I'm afraid we really can't assist with the content part.


  • Kirk Ward
    • Syntax Hero


    I'm working on the same problem, and am thinking I have figured out a solution after coming across this post while searching ...

    I am thinking that if I follow that guys advice and create the required number of pages in my theme, and assign each one with a unique Category ID using the New Blog Defaults plugin, and then create a single page RSS feed with unique content for this category and have the Auto Blogger plugin get those one page feeds and send them to those one page categories, I will achieve my goal.

    Cobbled together, but it does use two of the wpmu-dev plugins, and I am thinking quite possibly form the basis for a new plugin as Xander is not the first post I have come across wanting to have their new blogs open up with several dedicated or static pages.

    In my case, I am creating blogs for a specific service industry and the recommended model for these folks includes several static pages, such as services offered, staff, job opportunities, etc. I am thinking that a plugin that helps this model will be one that has growth potential for wpmu-dev

    Anyhoo ... I would also like to add a question. Reckon that cobbled together thingy I'm thinking about could work?


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