How to make Support System Plugin pretty in 2.7 ?

Hi gang! I just upgraded to the new version (1.5) of Support System today, and I was sad to see the ‘Support’ link on the left didn’t blend with the other new 2.7 links like “Posts”, “Media”, “Links”, “Pages”, etc…

Also, there was no icon to represent “Support” either.

I did some searching into the /mu-plugins/incsub-support.php file, and it seems this is because of the way the Admin menu was declared:

function incsub_support_menu() {
global $menu, $submenu;
$menu[39] = $menu[40];
$menu[40] = array(__('Support'), '10', 'support.php' );

$submenu[ 'support.php' ][1] = array( __('Main'), '10', 'support.php' );
// $submenu[ 'support.php' ][2] = array( __('Video Tutorials'), '10', 'support.php?action=videos' );

I’m wondering why Luke didn’t use the add_menu_page call to create this?

add_menu_page(__('Support'), __('Support'), 'edit_users', 'support.php');

If you add this line to the function above and comment out the ‘$menu’ lines, the Support system shows up nice and pretty in the list.

HOWEVER… it doesn’t seem to work right in the Admin Bar anymore. So I fixed one thing and broke another. Any ideas on how to fix this for good?