Pro Sites: How to make the the paid member site

I want users to navigate to my site, but when they sign up, I want the url to be premium.mysite... just like WPMUdev does it. I don't want a separate db installation for this.

  • karmikovic

    I am planning on pointing the premium.subdomain to the same directory of the main install (which is a directory formatted multisite), that way I can have pre-added subdomains, but get the benefits of subdirectory multisites (and there are great benefits) and the use of subdomains for sectioning my mainsite appropriately.

    I guess I just need to know how to re-write the url to premium for the users. Or whatever method would be best to achieve this.

    Example: new user goes to, user joins (through Pro-Sites). As a member, the url would be (The information on the site would be the same, but user would have full membership access)

    How does WPMUdev do it? How would you do it for my case?

    Hopefully, I will be able to give back and help others once I have a better grasp of all this WPMU stuff!

    Thanks for your time, I love wpmudev and will be around for a long time...

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