How to make virtual pages work???

These automatically (virtual?) generated pages are not formated correctly.


I would like to be like the other pages such as:

So I read Theming_MarketPress.txt and it said to create a mp_product.php based on my page.php (which is used to make the /about/ page above). So I did and of course it did absolutely nothing.

How do I get these virtual pages to look correctly? I just want them to be wrapped in my page.php I'm using now like everything else.

Note, shortcodes work fine, so I actually re-created this broken virtual page using a normal WP page (and therefore my page.php) and MP shortcodes here:
But I can't do this everywhere because /chapters/, /notifications/, /workbook/, all these other coursepress pages would need to be remade with shortcodes.

Exactly what do I have to do to get these virtual pages to look properly?