How to make WP sub-blog open showing summary and not full length posts?

I have Reading Settings set to Summary. But on their initial display, all of my WP sub-blogs open by showing all the posts in full length, creating a 30 ft long vertical scroll area.

After the page is open, selecting a Month or a Category properly displays the selections in summary form.

I am using the default 10-20 WP theme.

How can I make the initial display of posts also show only summaries?



  • Mason

    Hiya Ed,

    In Reading>Settings you'll notice the "summary" option is next to this:
    "For each article in a feed, show" - this means it shows a summary in your RSS (or similar) feed - not your site.

    To show small portions on your front page, you'll want to either find a theme that displays the "excerpt" on the front page. Or use the built-in "more" tag in the post editor.

    From the WordPress codex:

    A summary or brief teaser of your posts featured on the front page of your site as well as on the category, archives, and search non-single post pages. Note that the Excerpt does not usually appear by default. It only appears in your post if you have changed the index.php template file to display the Excerpt instead of the full Content of a post. If so, WordPress will automatically use the first 55 words of your post as the Excerpt or up until the use of the More Quicktag mark. If you use an Explicit Excerpt, this will be used no matter what.

    Here's the page where you can read up on various options with the post setup:


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