How to make WPMU Plugins work with GoDaddy hosting?

I know GoDaddy hosting has a lot of limitations and I'm having a lot of problems with the WPMU Plugins (Specially the ones I can manage from the dashboard - like Hummingbird - WP Smush Pro and Defender).

I only have two websites in GoDaddy but I wanted to add my new toys I got from WPMU but couldn't do it. The clients don't want to change their hosting (they already paid for it).

The issues I have found:
- Hummingbird: it starts the process but never finishes, so every time I check it, the bar of progress is still showing.

- Defender: I installed and it worked but then I saw there was an error message at the footer of my website so I have to uninstall it.

- WP Smush Pro: never starts, so the progress bar doesn't finish.

Have you find the same issues and how did you solve them?

I can use the old plugins I used before for achieving similar functionality (except WP Smush Pro), I just wanted to have everything in the Hub and see everything working.

Thanks for your help