How to manage content at different membership levels

For some levels of membership content is part of the subscription, other levels of membership have to pay for access to individual pieces of content.

How can I set this up?

  • Andre Foisy

    Hi there @Michael

    Welcome to the WPMU Dev community, and thank you for contacting our support team with your question.

    I hope you're having a great day! :slight_smile:

    That's a good but rather wide question, and there's quite much of information about this subject, so I do not really want to repeat or recopy here, what's already written there, because here or there you will still have to read and follow the process right? :wink:

    Basically, you need to prepare and add the content for the different levels of access you plan to offer. After that you create the different levels and/or membership types you want to offer to potential members, then you apply those levels/types to the content type it should belong according to your plan.

    We've a quite well extended Usage Guide, a Complete Manual and a full Video Library we've created so our members can draw the maximum benefit out of this wonderful membership management tool.

    Of course, along the way if you need help or encounter any issue, you're more than welcome to post and ask for help at any time.

    May I suggest that you also check out our Comprehensive WordPress Manuals and the Community Support Guidelines, and so you'll be in a "Ferrari" :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

    • Michael


      I do appreciate the response. I just want to make sure what I want to do works before putting a lot of time into it.

      So I have two membership levels. A free and a paid. Both get you access to basic content. The paid membership gets you access to premium content as well. However, the free membership should be able to purchase the individual premium content that the paid membership already has access to.

      For example, say I have basic.pdf. Both levels of membership should get access to this post which contains the download link for this. However, non-subscribers should not be able to see the download.

      Then I have premium.pdf. The paid subscriber can see and download this. The free subscriber should be able to see it but not the download. Should the free subscriber want this document they can purchase access to just this document. Though the paid subscriber has access without additional purchase of the document.

      Can this work?

  • Patrick

    Hi there @Michael

    I hope you're well today!

    We thank you for your patience on this issue, and we apologize for any delays during the holiday season while many staff members have some much-needed time off. :slight_smile:

    What you have described goes a bit beyond the built-in capabilities of the Membership plugin I'm afraid. The plugin can handle protection of downloads as you have described. But, there again, you would be faced with enabling access to protected downloadable content to users on access levels who don't normally have access to it.

    Granting access in the manner suggested by Andre would also require that premium members pay to access the download. Not ideal at all. :slight_frown:

    To get around that, you could either use another plugin to manage your downloadable content in tandem with the Membership plugin.

    Or you could try our Protected Content plugin instead of our Membership plugin to enable your users to subscribe to more than one membership at a time:

    To enable that feature, simply activate the Multiple Memberships addon in Protected Content. Then configure a membership just for your downloads so free users can get 'em too.

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