How to manage different admin notices for different blogs?

i am trying to create plugin that can manage different admin notices or any other information for different blogs.

for example: i have in my multisite network 50 blogs. i want to select some blog and show in the plugin page some admin notice or any other information like image or whatever...

so my question is how to create and manage all the notices in the /wp-admin/network/ and then show all the admin notices or any other information in the plugin page on each blog with the only information that belong to this blog id.

what i have done so far:

get list of active blogs:

$blogs = $wpdb->get_results( "SELECT * FROM $wpdb->blogs WHERE public = 1" );

 foreach($blogs as $blog)
//the code to list or wrap all blogs

now i need some good way to sort all the blogs so i can select the one i want to add some admin notice for this blog.
i think first on the drop menu but when i will have many blogs it will not be good solusion. so what do you think?

then after i will select the blog, i trying to figure out how to manage all this admin notice for each blog?

and the last is to show all the saved information in the plugin page (this will be not so hard to make after all will work)

so guys what do you think is the right way to make this work?