How to Mass delete splogs in buddypress/bbpress (multisite) ?


Over the last couple of weeks I had some massive spam attack where 5000 users were created and each created their own bp group and posts. This of course creates all sorts of metadata that will need to be removed. I was wondering how to go on about it without creating orphan content in the database. Is there a query or some sort of directions I can follow to do this correctly?

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    Deleting a user or a BuddyPress group from your WordPress install will also delete all BuddyPress activity. So no worries about orphaned data there.

    Deleting a post, well... that deletes the post. :slight_smile:

    There's a pretty good free plugin that can help you with the cleanup:

    And they have several premium addons if you need 'em:

    However, there is currently no plugin available to delete all the spammy BuddyPress groups from your site. But that can be managed from the Groups screen in your wp-admin. Under Screen Options (tab at top-right), set it to display something like 200 instead of the default 20. You can then delete 200 of 'em at a time. It will take you several minutes, but it gets the job done.

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    This is a too however, it doesn't give me the option of deleting user "from" a certain date or starting form a certain userID#. I was able to delete 1962 bbp_participants which helped to remove almost half of the fake users. I have about 70 real users that are real Subscribers and the rest are fake. Any suggestion on how to separate the two? As it is, those real participants are located across different sites each with their own user role arrangements so changing all the user roles for the real users and deleting the rest is not something I can do.

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    I ended up deleting the rest of them on a per page basis with 250/page.
    I opened multiple browsers to load multiple pages at the same time. Select all then clicking on the delete button on each page at the same time.

    I used this link to sort each page in the right direction and deleted the last pages first.

    I changed the page number "17" on each of the tabs so I knew which page I was deleting.

    Thank you for this suggestions. Although it took some time, I was able to get it done.

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