how to merge my footer input box with e-newsletter

Hello, Below is my footer area that was predesigned, when i got the theme. I'd love to use e-newsletter plugin with this site. How could i edit the input box for the newsletter so the emails can be used with your plugin ? Any advice is priceless...
</div><!-- end body inside -->

<?php if(function_exists('set_theme_options')) : $FooterOptions = set_theme_options('footer_options'); endif; ?>

<!-- begin footer -->
<footer id="footer">
<div id="footer_bg_pattern">
<div id="footer_bg_pic">
<div class="inside">
<div class="footer-widget">
<div class="one-third">
<h2><?php echo $FooterOptions['fallow_title']; ?></h2>
<?php echo stripslashes($FooterOptions['fallow_text']); ?>

<ul class="footer-socials">

<?php if($FooterOptions['rss'] != ''): ?>
<li class="rss">
" title="Facebook">

<?php endif; if($FooterOptions['twitter'] != '') : ?>
<li class="twitter">
" title="Linked In">

<?php endif; if($FooterOptions['facebook'] != ''):?>
<li class="facebook">
" title="Vkontakte">

<?php endif; if($FooterOptions['dribbble'] != ''): ?>
<li class="dribbble">
" title="Dribbble">

<?php endif; if($FooterOptions['vimeo'] != ''): ?>
<li class="vimeo">
" title="Vimeo">

<?php endif; if($FooterOptions['skype'] != ''): ?>
<li class="skype">
" title="Skype">

<?php endif; ?>

<span class="clear"></span>

<div class="one-third">
<h2><?php echo $FooterOptions['about_title']; ?></h2>
<p><?php echo stripslashes($FooterOptions['about_text']); ?></p>
<div class="one-third last">

<h2><?php echo $FooterOptions['newsletter_title']; ?></h2>
<p><?php echo stripslashes($FooterOptions['newsletter_text']); ?></p>
<?php if(function_exists('eemail_show')): eemail_show(); ?>
<?php elseif($FooterOptions['newsletter_input_on'] != "off"): ?>
<form id="form_newslatter">
<input type="text" name="newslatter" id="newslatter" placeholder="<?php echo $FooterOptions['newsletter_input'];?>" />
<?php endif;?>
<span class="clear"></span>

<div class="footer-bottom">
<span class="copyright">
<?php echo stripslashes($FooterOptions['copyright']); ?>
<nav id="footer_menu">
<!-- begin footer menu -->
if ( ( $locations = get_nav_menu_locations() ) && $locations['bottommenu'] != 0):
wp_nav_menu( array( 'theme_location' => 'bottommenu' ) );

<?php endif;?>
<!-- end footer menu -->
<?php wp_footer();?>