How to migrate (sync? copy?) my site

This week, I upgraded my server and it caused some problems with WordPress. So now I have to revert back to the original server....but in the meantime, we did a great deal of editing on the site (posts and pages and events).

I think that using the WP export functionality will create duplicate posts, right? So I need to make a copy of the site with the edits, then copy all that over onto the site on the "good" server.

I have considered doing this with MySQL, but I'm afraid I'll miss something important. I'm hoping there is a WPMUDEV plugin that will make this easy. :slight_smile:

I should mention that this is a multisite, and there are posts/pages/events on two sites that need to be copied over: the main site and one subsite.

I've seen a bunch of different posts about how to use WPMUDEV plugins to handle a move like this, but I can't seem to locate the right one that describes what I want to do. Hoping for a little direction, thanks!

  • Sajid

    Hi kalico,
    Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    It looks like the the the job of Snapshot Pro. Using this plugin you have two options.

    1. If you have added/edited content only, without media files then you can simply take the backup of Database and import into the other site.

    2. If it contains media/images as well then you need to take backup of Database and selected files that includes the media folder only (I am assuming you have not changed any files like themes or plugins).

    With Snapshot plugin, you have to backup and restore both sites individually. For example, migrate the main site first and then migrate the second subsite.

    Here is an article that explains the process in depth to migrate a site using Snapshot Pro plugin.

    Oh wait, you can also restore your site using our new cloud storage full site backup and restore process (if the data is less than 10 GB). Using this method you can take full backup of your entire site and restore on another site too.

    Hope that helps! Feel free to post a reply if you need further assistance :slight_smile:

    Best Regards,

  • kalico

    Thank you Sajid that is SUPER helpful!!!! Hopefully you can help me sort out this weird jam: I just tried to look into the cloud option, and it seems I have used 6GB of my 10GB.....but I've never run a backup! I only have Snapshot active on two sites, and both of them say I've never backed up. The others all give me the option to install Snapshot.

    The two sites I want to backup/migrate for this situation are and The rest are just test sites.

    Support access is open.


  • kalico

    I had to close support access due to some other work we're doing on the site. But I just wanted to mention here that I tried to do a backup, and it failed -- presumably because there is space used up already.

    However, there was no message about why. So I would like to suggest that there be an improvement in the error handling. It should say "You have used up 6/10GB of space and cannot back up this site".

    Better yet, it would evaluate space before the backup begins, and inform me of the problem ahead of time (rather than run the entire backup, and then fail).

    I'll look forward to continued updates of this beta functionality. It's looking to be very valuable!

    I would still like to have a way to clear my 6/10GB of usage, since it's not "real".


  • Sajid

    Hi kalico,

    Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    That is strange, if you have never back up then it should not say that. You can not see any backups on your sites on hub ?

    Also, where exactly you see that quota information. Please share the screenshot with us so I could forward it to developer.

    And thank for the valuable suggestion of checking the space/quota before actually backing up the whole site. I would strongly recommend you to create a new thread for this suggestion and add it in Features and Feedback section to be considered for development.

    Take care and have a nice day :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

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