How To Mimic Pro-site's Fuction, To Work For Single Pages Rather Than Multi-Sites?

Hi Guy's.

I think I may get some 'egg on my face' for this one. Partly because 'wording in up' is challenging for me; but mainly because I suspect that; what should be a simple concept; is probably going to be technically very difficult!

So; at best; I am hoping to stimulate some collective discussion/debate that might go some way to making the following possible:-

The creation of a website that uses a 'function' similar to WPMU's Pro-site, but which creates a 'Main Site' 'Single Page per Registered User' internet 'Service,' much like the "Front Page" website concept of an earlier paradigm (remember that one???).

Any ideas that I could test out; as an on-going project; would be much appreciated?

Please ask if clarification needed!