How to modify a link (in the widget sidebar item) for "shopping cart". See screenshot.

I have Marketpress installed on a test site. I added the "Shopping Cart" widget to a right sidebar. When I add an item to the shopping cart, it displays a shopping cart table, etc. I have two questions.

1. If you notice the link that says " Empty CartCheckout >> ", there's not space between the Empty Cart link and the Checkout link. It just runs together. How can I modify this so the two links can appear separated and apart?

2. How can I modify the look and feel of the way items like this are presented? Meaning, how can I maybe change the wording for certain items, such as the word "Price" if .. I wanted to have it say "Cost" or .. if I wanted to change "Item" .. if I wanted it to say "Jewelry Item", etc. Or, if I want to change the color of the background .. of the first row, etc. where it says "Item, Qty., and Price: ??" How can I modify this?

3. How can I modify the look and feel of any other Marketpress text or layout features?