How to modify a theme or page to insert a dhtml component

I have been working with iFrames for a particular style of webpage that I would like to make a signature element of the indymall. It provides a convenient way to browse the front page of multiple sites, without leaving the page to do it. You can see samples of three of the sites I previously setup in html:

You can find the source of the code at and search for “tabbed document viewer”.

I am looking for a more suitable script that would perform more like a tabbed browser, than as it works now. But, I’m not a coder, and, currently, have no one to help me with that, so, if there isn’t a better option available to me, I would like to know if I can somehow be able to apply the script I am using into a WordPress page.

I am also interested in trying to use a multiple tabbed iframe on my Facebook FanPage. I would appreciate any tips or suggestions on this.

I would like to be able to create a tab, in example, for classifieds, articles, or other section of my site, and of course current promotion landing page.