How to modify "Recent Global Post Widget"

I want to use the Recent Global Post Widget but only have the Title of recent post displayed. Rigght now the whole post displays.

I've looked at the plugin and I'm not sure how to make the changes needed.

How do I modify the the plugin?

What do I have to comment out or remove from the widget to get just the title of recent global post to display?

It's after 2 AM here so I'll look for any reply's tomorrow evening as I have a long day planned.

Thank You in advance,

  • dapadoo
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    Well part of it any way. I've been trusting the update notification to much. During the upgrade of all the plugins to go from mu-plugins to plugins I only upgrade the plugins that I had notification about.

    I just found out that many of the plugins have been changed but still have the old version number so they aren't showing up in the notification system.

    The NEW Post Indexer and Recent Global Post Widget have the same release number as the old version that resides in the mu-plugins folder. Neither of them showed up on update notification. My best guess is I have nmany that are like that right now because I can't find where to make modifications. My post on the affiliate links might be one of them. It's too late tonight for me to go through then all but I will tomorrow.

    Someone should notify those individuals who update plugins of the discrepancy.


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