How to modify the breadcrum home location in my theme ?


One weird small problems. On the member area of my website, if you go for example on that page (the home page of the member area) :, as you can see there is a breadcrump (apparently it was made by my customer with the plugin "Breadcrumb NavXT"...

The breadcrumb says : Accueil (Home page) > Espace Membres (Members Area)

The problem is double :

1) We're at the home page of the members area, so those two links are redundant (the breadcrum should just say "Accueil" (Home page), no neet for the "> Espace Membres" part.

2) The link of the "Accueil" ("Home page") part redirect on a page that I don't want to display on my website. I'd like that, when people click on the home page link, that they are redirected to the home page of the membership area, aka :

How can I do that ? I didn't find any way to do it. Best regards,