How to offer email accounts to MU clients?

We are working on offering WP as a service with this plugin, but we are wondering how to offer these clients email accounts as well, but in an automated way.

We need to park the domain of the client on top of the main MU domain, so we won't be able to create a cPanel account for that domain. And Google Apps is not offering free accounts anymore.

I've considered Rackspace Email since they could be automated by this plugin, but that will involve charging $2 / month per email account.

Any ideas or feedback is appreciated!

  • jim_meyer

    You would have to give them c-panels, most Host providers charge minimal cost for individual c-panels.
    For most of my clients they have like 5 e-mail accounts which I manage for them.
    A recent client had 300 e-mail accounts which I then created a c-panel for him and offset the cost to him which was like $10. Upgrading to a reseller plan which gives unlimited c-panels and sub domains and e-mails for each add on domain.


  • aecnu

    Greetings Juanzo and Jim,

    @Juanzo it is true that you will need to provision the emails and each email account on a cPanel server comes with a centralized log in portal to accommodate web mail access.

    Juanzo and Jim - Host Gator is an OK recommendation and one can certainly do worse, but not the best by far and though they claim unlimited this and that but they are lying from the beginning not disclosing that they count the files with their inodes stuff and it is truly not unlimited. Just sales hype lying in my opinion.

    I prefer the truth instead of living in a lie and lose all respect for the liars themselves but if you prefer to live with someone lying to you from the beginning then that is certainly your business.

    It is almost as bad as Blue Host and their lying about unlimited bandwidth while throttling the bandwidth in the same breath resulting in sub standard speeds for those with any traffic.

    Unlimited pushed through a straw vs. not unlimited but coming through a fire hose - one may actually come out way on top with the limited and at least you know the truth.

    Disclose: I indeed own a web hosting company and truly find these sales tactics despicable as also seems to be the case with many WPMU DEV members and others that host with us.

    However, in any event we are indeed working with WHM/cPanel servers and is the email account exists they can be reached through the interface.

    Automating email account creation is a whole different ball game and though it can indeed be done very risky due to spammers.

    Thank you both for being WPMU DEV Community Members!

    Cheers, Joe

  • Fullworks

    Of course you can just direct the domains MX records to any e-mail service. offer 3 free e-mail account that can be configured to a domain. This is what we do for people that don't want to spend anything.

    Google Apps for business used to be free for under 10 e-mail accounts, but alas it is now chargeable, but still good value at about $5/user per month. We normally recommend this for people who don't mind spending a small amount for a very good solution.

  • Juanzo

    Greetings aecnu. I appreciate your time and help to provide feedback. I agree with what you said about Hostgator and Bluehost since I ran a small hosting company myself.

    I'm aware of the overselling and unlimited business but it had nothing to do with my original question, and honestly, I've looked quickly and your links and it looked like the typical unhelpful question with the only objective of gaining a new link.

  • aecnu

    Greetings Juanzo,

    Thank you for your feedback and should I have gone ahead and copied and pasted them into the ticket? Is that what you are saying?

    I am staff here, the main forum responder by double of all other responders/staff, and have plenty of opportunity to add links and I would have key worded them better if this were indeed the goal. Actually I would have blatantly put a link to my main WPMU hosting site which neither of the above reference.

    I gave a truthful and honest answer and the others had already given answers but I HAD to respond to the ticket - maybe I just should have said I know nothing more? and closed it?

    However, where can I mark everyone here as unhelpful for not researching even further, outside of the box, outside of WHMCS MU Provisioning and concentrated on WHMCS itself like I have done today finding a possible solution?

    Oopps - maybe I should not have included a link for this one as well? ... lol

    I digress and I will certainly be more careful on what tickets I click on in the future that once I clicked I have to answer. But I have indeed found a possible answer tonight and thought of you the moment I found it and posted it above.

    Now where is that marker .... lol :smiley:

    Have a GREAT upcoming weekend in any event.

    Cheers, Joe