How to order plans for upgrades

Hi there, I have been running your membership plug in for a few weeks and I have found a small problem that I think it a configuration problem?
I have 1 membership and 2 subscription plans - one subscription is for 7 days (trial) and the other is for 1 year (full membership)
If a user has a full membership and views their current subscription they have the option to "upgrade" to the 7 day trial - this is obviously wrong...
What have I done wrong and how do I fix it?



  • Ash

    Hello @tony_ryan

    Welcome to WPMU community!

    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

    Well, the membership is not tier based plugin. You have made the setup as Trial and Full, but what if someone sets up as Internal Membership, External Membership, Local Membership? :slight_smile:

    So, basically every membership level is same, it's just how you represents. Also, an user can change level and go to any level any time.

    But yes, in this scenario "Upgrade" is not an appropriate word, I totally agree. It should be change or move to. Do you just want to change the wording? Or do you want to hide the trail level when an user is already in Full membership level?

    Please let us know.


  • Ash

    Hello @tony_ryan

    I hope you are well today.

    If you can let me know how to hide the trial subscription from users on the full subscription that would be great :slight_smile:

    Then please send me your admin login and a full subscription member login (who sees trial as upgrade).

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    I will be happy to take a look :slight_smile:


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