How to Pay Different Amounts for Different Member Levels in Pro-Sites

Team WPMU,

Now that Affiliates is installed (thanks for the help, by the way), I have a question:

How can I give different payouts for different Pro-Sites Levels?

Currently, the plugin only provides for setting payment based on the duration of the membership -- fine and good. However, we have three paying member levels at different price points (Basic, Standard, Premium). How can I adjust payouts for the various member levels?

Basically, I'd like to give referrals the amount of a month's payment at that level. The upper tier is $54, the bottom tier is $1. Giving a $1 bounty for a top tier referral is a little chintzy, but giving the bottom tier anything more than that is a negative for me, especially since I think a lot of people will go cheap at first.

Is there an adjustment that can be made to accommodate? Is there an update in the works at all?


  • Patrick

    Hey there @jetmac

    I hope you're having a great day!

    That is correct; currently, the Affiliates plugin can only payout according to the Pro Site level duration that is selected by the user. But there is no option at the moment to set different payouts for each level & duration.

    I'm also not aware of any plans to integrate that into a future update as the suggestion never really got much traction in the community.

    The reason for that is because you can select either a fixed amount or a percentage as the payout for each duration. That option appears to have satisfied the very few members who had voiced any concern.

    So if you set the percentage to, say, 20% on a given duration, that would be applied to all levels so even at $1, your affiliate would get 20¢

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