How to... please advice do I set folder permissions to 777

Hello Support-Team,

please advice do I set folder permissions to 777

Thank you.

  • Klaus

    Hello Predrag,

    thanks for prompt reply. As requested here more background infos...

    We have an AVATAR issue since updating to newest wp version and we had several otter issues as well, one was with protected content . Your colleague was helpful to sorted those problems out but regards AVATAR he recommended

    Looks like the registrations were not configured correctly. You had BuddyPress installed and for it to work smooth with Protected Content you need to turn on the add on. I just activated it and now your BP fields you setup will be used for the registration. You can use affiliates even with Protected Content as well, so no problem with that.

    About the Avatars issue looks like you do not have server permissions set up correctly. Can you temporarily set the folder permissions to 777 and try again ?

    The issue is that the directory needs to be created and given permissions of the web server. Also maybe you can try a plugin like this one which we made

    Frankly, would be awesome if we could solve the AVATAR problem with the suggested plugin above BUT in those instruction there is the following note...

    Once installed navigate to Plugins in the network admin dashboard and network activate the plugin. Please note: This plugin isn’t designed to be used with BuddyPress since it has its own inbuilt avatar system.

    Wondering, how is it possible now to get like in previous times AVATARS displayed and used in various versions, like 'who is online' and/or within widgets, posts etc. WITHOUT interfering any other installed application e.g. protected content for memberships / buddypress for forums etc.

    Thank you for helping out. If you need to test anything, support access is granted.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi @Prinz,

    Thanks for the additional info here.

    I see that the Jude is on the right track regarding this on your original thread, so let's see if changing permissions will work.

    What you need to do is access WP installation files via FTP or cPanel and search for the file/folder on which you want to change permissions.

    If you are using FTP and FileZilla simply right click on file/folder and click on File permissions...

    If you are using cPanel then you can follow these instructions:

    Best regards,

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