How to populate category list in drop down mode?

I saw another post in the support forum about using the category list plugin in "list mode" vs. "Drop down mode", and can't figure that out?

What I'm really trying to do is build an etsy-like site with MarketPress / GridMarket theme/child. We have a fairly extensive list of product categories, and would like to:

- make the global category list display as a an expandable list, instead of an indented list
- would also like to put the global category list in each store's sidebar.

Advice appreciated.



  • DavidM
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    Hi Don,

    Those items would both require a bit of custom coding at this point. To help with that, you can have a look at the mp_global_categories_list() function on line 1061 of marketpress-includes/marketpress-ms-php.

    You can likely copy that over into a plugin of your own, rename the function, and alter it to display a drop-list instead.

    To get that to display in all your sites, you'll likely need to use the same theme in all your sites and hard-code that into the theme wherever you want it to display.

    If that sounds a bit complicated, you may want to seek a developer's assistance on it.


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