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I am looking to become a reseller of sorts, i am going to duplicate my website for other car dealers so they can take advantage of a vrm lookup and specification data api i am going to add soon to populate my vehicle posts, the api will be coming from a company like or somewhere, if you know of any providers of such data please share :slight_smile:. I already have over ten dealers waiting for me to get started i am just looking for the right supplier to offer me a reasonable price as i have been quoted £5000.

I would like to know if their is a way i can distribute the information from the api according to a specific dealer within the multi site of wpengine so their site only shows the vehicles they own and not all the vehicles in the master data base (which i want to populate my current site only) and so i can calculate usage costs per dealer.

If you guys have any knowledge that could help here i would be extremely grateful.
Also what plugins from your list you would recommend and whether i would need a theme off you for them all to work properly?



  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Dave,

    I hope you're well today!

    Let me start with your last question, hopefully you don't mind that :slight_smile:

    Also what plugins from your list you would recommend and whether i would need a theme off you for them all to work properly?

    Our plugins do not require our own themes to work, however or course I think our Upfront based themes (see here: are really great and I think you may want to give them a try. I'm sure you'll like them very much!

    We also have a lot of fine plugins that you could make use of but I admit it's a bit difficult to suggest anything at this stage. If you could provide me with a simple case scenario how your Multisite network (and its sub-sites) would work, what features it should include etc, I would be happy to share some more specific ideas with you :slight_smile:

    Getting back to your initial issue. I think that this seems to be quite a complex and highly specialized setup and this would mean custom development. The key factors here are features that are to be used/made available and tools/features provided by API that you decide to use.
    I'm not aware however of any "ready to use" solution that would help you here.

    This leads me back to my question about an example workflow/case scenario. Could you please elaborate a bit on this? I'll then see what I'll be able to come up with in return :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

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