How to prevent fake registrations


Lately I have received a lot of subscribers. They can sign up from one page only where I have set 3 options up.

Silver (paid)

So they are all signed up free. But they all have weird names and email address.

How can implement some sort of thing like recaptha on the registration form??

  • Hamid
    • The Crimson Coder

    Sorry for bump, but as i go through the free registration process, the member when signing up to the free account will get a free membership account and get added to site as a user as well.

    See screen shot.
    All those newly registration as user i got, is not in the membership list, they are ONLY added as new users??
    Which makes me belive they are bots that get signed up from some page a i do not have active ,i went throug all my registration pages, i can´t seem to find any.
    The signup link at the wp-login page, all my registration pages, links etc all links to the correct registration page which is the one with membership plans.

    Here is my crazy thought.
    The process to register to my site all goes through the page where one has to choose bewtween 3 memberships. Whatever one you chose, you get to the actual registration page with the fields. Is it possible that bots/human flaws bypass the membership page and goes directly to the registration page, signs up, gets added as a user (ONLY A SUBSCRIBER), thats why they dont added as a membership?

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