How to progress members through subscription levels based on event (completion of survey)?

I am reconsidering trying to get WPMUDEV modules to work for my needs.

Here is what I want to do with this website:

Have a membership site where members signup for a 6 month plan and are to be charged $5 for first month and then automatically are billed $33 for the next 5 months (unless they cancel). That doesn’t seem to work in Membership plugin with the next requirement for access rollups.

They will have access to a new set of materials no sooner than every two weeks (13 levels) and can continue to have access to the lower levels. Access to the next level is dependent upon completion of a survey. That completion needs somehow to trigger moving member to next level. The materials are presently all downloaded from another of my websites. I configured one user to have access to the Module-1 material but don’t know how to move them except manually in the admin table or via time duration.

Affiliates will refer potential purchasers to subscribe and I need to track and pay the affiliates who will also get paid a commission on future purchases from members they first sent.

I think I configured a PayPal button to do the $5 and then 5x $33 monthly billings, but I don’t know if Affiliates can track that if payment is through Paypal hosted button instead of membeship plugin.


Thanks, Duncan