How to properly create appointments in GCal for integration

I am testing the GCal integration with Appointments+. When I create an appointment in GCal it transfers to Appointments + but it ALWAYS sets itself as the first Service in the list. I thought maybe some of the field placeholders could be used for the subject, etc. but I'm not having much luck.

Also, while I guess it's assumed that if a provider is adding an appointment through the Google Calendar (for example, out at an appointment and a customer requests an appointment, so you just add it in via a smartphone connected to GCal), then we will know to go look in the GCal reserved box, but it would be nice to also receive email alerts about things waiting in the Reserved by GCal as well. It's easy to forget! And since they are coming in as the wrong service most of the time, they are important to confirm and edit!

Am I just missing a setting somewhere that controls this?