How to questions for the Directory plugin.

1. How to adjust the size of the "featured image" that currently shows up as only a 50px by 50px image? How can I make this default size of this larger?

2. How can I choose NOT to display the "Contact User" button and feature in a listing? Can I turn this on and off globally somewhere?

3. How and where can I change the "Language" used in various areas, such as in the "Contact User" button, should I want it to say something else like "Contact" (without the word User)?

4. I added a Custom Field that would hold (in this example) their Facebook page. But when I enter it in the "Text Box" which is what I set the Field Type too, is there a way to automatically have URL's linked, instead of me having to enter, for example? I'd like to be able to just enter and have it recognize that it's a URL and automatically link it, and also be able to have it open the link in a NEW window. How can I accomplish this without manually coding it in the Text Field?

5. With the "Contact User" fields, is it possible to easily adjust the size of the fields (without just using CSS)? Meaning are adjustments possible to be made from within the plugin somewhere?

6. With the "Contact User" fields, is it possible to change what fields are required, what fields are displayed, etc.?

7. Is there a way within the Directory plugin to add a SEARCH field (with Advanced Search Functionality), globally to the directory, that would only search the Directory listings? It would be very useful if users could search the directory by keyword or phrase, as well as by selecting a category or sub category, and then searching by keyword or phrase, etc., instead of having to use a full site search? How can this be added and implemented?

8. How and is it possible to change or set the order of the Categories that appear on the /directory/ page? Or are they always displayed in alphabetical order?

8. Is there a possibility to display items that I might determine are "Featured" items that I might want to bring to the top of the Directory list?

9. How can I, if I want, hide (and/or) reset the "Average Ratings" for an individual directory listing (or all listings)?

10. I see on the Directory listing page it says "Reviews off" but when you are looking at the individual Directory listing, the "reviews" are on and people can leave reviews/ratings. Or, are the two separate? How can I turn on reviews but turn off ratings? Where is this controlled?