How to re-build a web site (Recommeded optimum steps)

Hi which would be the recommended and most optimum procedure to re-build the site. I have an exiting domain and site in production, and what to completely change. New Builder, new theme, all urls will be new.
I am asking since I may follow different options, but not sure which is the best way to have a final completely 100% new, with minimum or no issues. New site will be in same domain, and similar urls.

Options I thought:

1) Start building new pages in existing sites, leave them in draft, and then delete old urls, and migrate from draft to “production” new urls, modify urls. For me this since to be the most difficult with risk of not deleting some content (there is properties, blog)
2) Build new pages in draft, delete old theme, and then activate new theme, and new ursl
3) Build new site in different domain, delete existing site, and then migrate with shipper.
4) Any other option?

Regarding plugins, I do not have so many besides from WPMUDEV, so it is almost same for me if you recommend to delete all and reinstalled.

Consider even though in production I maybe able to accept 1 day my site to be down if needed.

Many thanks