How to reactivate suspended site

I have a client whose site was suspended (by the plugin) when her credit card expired so payment wasn't made. She wants to reactivate it, but can't get into the system to do so.

I assumed she could login and would just be taken to a payment page of some kind. She says that when she tries to login, it says there is no user by that name.


  • ProSapien

    aecnu, I appreciate your help with this issue. I was with you until you said, "deal with it."

    I can easily get to her admin/manage page, but I have no idea how to give her access to her site to PAY. Could you be more specific? Shouldn't this be an automated process, where suspended subscribers can access a payment area to resubscribe?

    Also, I can't see how to mark this ticket as not resolved. The "mark as resolved" checkbox is unchecked and above it are the words "this support topic is open." ???

  • aecnu

    Greetings ProSapien,

    Sorry that you thought I dropped you there, I see your point, but what I meant to point out was just once you hit the manage button the options are yours to make.

    You can extend her membership so she can gain access again ~or~ you can remove the level and then have her upgrade the account if you indeed have a free level, there are many options there and combinations that I cannot solidly decide for you because I do not know your exact configuration.

    So the deal with it was mostly that the options within are yours to make and there are a few possibilities depending on your configurations/plans/levels.

    I do agree with you that it is bizarre that she cannot go to a page to renew or upgrade at this point, but I am guessing because you do not have a free level for her to be downgraded to and therefore she was just locked out.

    Its cool regarding the resolved not resolved part of the ticket since I indeed did not mark it resolved and now since I understand you are not very familiar with what to do to get her in again/unsuspended I am not going to mark it resolved until I knwo for sure.

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • ProSapien

    We don't have a free level.

    So my only option is to manually extend her subscription for free (?), then watch to see if she actually pays for it, then manually ... unextend it? Or put it back on subscription?

    This is a serious flaw in the system! Still, I'm not sure how, once she presumably pays, I reassign her account to start requiring payment?

    Could someone please step me through this?

  • ProSapien

    Could someone please respond? I have a client who cannot access her site because we are waiting on a response.

    If I manually extend her subscription, and she pays, will her PayPal account put her back in regular subscription mode?

    I assume from the responses above that I will need to manually extend her subscription and then just keep watching her site to see if/when she pays and then, if she doesn't pay, I will need to manually disable the site again. Is this right?

    Has this flaw been passed to the programmers so that owners of disabled sites go to a payment subscription option instead of being locked out entirely?

  • aecnu

    Greetings ProSapien,

    Thank you for the additional input, it is certainly appreciated.

    You mentioned that you still have the person locked out and that they cannot enter the site while we figure this out. It is my opinion that the client should have been granted access FREE until this was worked out in concept and/or application.

    I do not treat my clients this way if the issue, whatever it may be, is my responsibility to resolve. Maybe that is why I still have clients from 1993??

    I gave you a temporary solution while we dig in to find a solution.

    I do not know the exact problem here since all my production and test sites have offered a free level using ad supported tactics.

    Therefore I will see if I can get the lead developer @Aaron in here with his invaluable insight into this plugin for his advice/advise for us.

    Though this may take a bit longer then a normal ticket, I will try to get him in here asap.

    Cheers, Joe

  • ProSapien

    Aaron, actually, it doesn't work from what I can see. I just reset the users password and logged out. I went to her login page and tried to login using her username and password.

    When I do so the page reloads and the password is removed. I'm still on the login page and the username is still in the username field, but the password is not in the password field.

    There are no errors and no other instruction about what happened.

  • ProSapien

    Joe, seriously, I don't pay for the WPMUDev service so you can critique my business methods. That is uncalled for and unprofessional. (And, for the record, I have clients from as far back as 1987.) I appreciate the help, but don't appreciate getting the backhand.

    I wrote again because I do NOT have a "temporary solution." I have PART of a "temporary solution." I asked for input five days ago and, with no response, I commented again with the same questions.

    As I said above, I understand how to manually extend the subscription, but I need to know how to proceed AFTER that. AFTER extending the subscription — which in my case means giving away a paid subscription for a period of time — how do I move the person BACK into their paid subscription?

    If they pay from within the extended subscription, do they automatically go back in to a regular payment schedule? Do I then "unextend" the subscription and, if so, will that impact their subscription? Etc.

    That said, I'm happy to add a free level if it will resolve the problem. Will it? In other words, if I have a free level, will any paid levels that expire REVERT to a free level that can be upgraded?

    I first considered this in May and posted here, but could never get clear responses to my questions, so I gave up.

    I have three levels, all paid. I asked if I could add a fourth free level and what possible issues would arise if I did so.

    In response, I was told that there is a free level by default (which I knew and didn't address the questions), that when new sites are created they are "technically free" (which isn't true in the case of my site and doesn't answer the questions), that you can remove the free sites using Pay to Blog (which I knew — since that is how I set up my site to have only paid options — and which didn't address the questions).

    This was followed by a response saying the first response was "perfect" — even though it didn't address the questions I actually asked — followed by a flurry of posts on an unrelated topic.

    Then, I asked the original questions again and added a new one.

    Then I got a response that, again, didn't address the actual questions. It was related this time, but mostly explained what (in theory) would happen with an added free mode and speculation about the Pay to Blog module. (The speculation, it appears, was wrong given my current situation.)

    I then just mucked around myself to try to figure it out and tried to set up the fourth free level, but got an error. So asked, FOR THE THIRD TIME, if there was a way to add a completely free level without impacting other sites and how to do it.

    The response I got was to refer me back to the FIRST response — that answered NONE of the questions I posed.

    The rest of the thread was unrelated to my questions.

    So, if the expired sites do not forward to a payment page, as they should, and no one can give me a complete answer to how to get the subscriptions reinstated, can someone answer these questions:

    (1) Will having a free level resolve the problem?

    (a) Will all expired PAID levels revert to a free level?
    (b) Will all free levels have an upgrade path?
    (c) Can free levels be set to have no expiration date?

    (2) Are there any issues that will arise when I add a free level to three EXISTING paid levels? (All three levels have subscribers.) What do I need to be aware of?

    Thank you.

  • aecnu

    Greetings ProSapien,

    I honestly was not critiquing your business methods and actually thought the idea was being helpful. I am much more direct then that I can assure you.

    But as my Boss warned me when I started as part of staff here, that if there is any possibility of someone perceiving an answer as negative, they will find a way.

    This is the second time in a single ticket that my point was misinterpreted.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Aaron

    So you're saying that, assuming she is using the right login/password, she will be sent to a payment page to reinstate her subscription?


    When I do so the page reloads and the password is removed. I'm still on the login page and the username is still in the username field, but the password is not in the password field.

    I find it really hard to believe this is being caused by pro sites. If you deactivate pro sites does the problem persist?

    As far a free levels, pro sites always has a free level built in, you can't create one. If you want to disable the free level then that's what enabling the "pay to blog" module does. That won't prevent a user from logging in though.

  • Sue

    Hi ProSapien

    We had some password issues a few years ago on Edublogs that affected users being able to log in after they reset their password and I'm wondering if this might be the problem with this user. The issue wasn't related to Pro sites. Any way think it is worth quickly testing to rule it out.

    Can you reset the users password again? Then launch a web browser that you haven't logged into previously with the user's account or your account and see if it lets you log into the account.

    Also on Edublogs if we have user reporting issue relating to their user account we will often ask for their username and password. If your users are like ours sometimes what they are reporting as the issue isn't necessarily obvious and quickly logging in with their details can help.

    Sue Waters
    Edublogs Support

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