How to recover a page which is still there but all content has disapeared

Hello support,

I recently moved my WordPress site to a new server, and everything went well. The only major thing was the domain was different, and I made the appropriate changes within the database to reflect this change, everything went well.

The problem I'm having is with one specific page on my live site. On my development server this page looks great, all the content is there and able to edit and change when necessary. However on my live site the page content has disappeared, this is is the only page which has been affected, no special elements have been added to this page which may cause the content to not be transferred.

When I look at this page on my live site, all the content is gone, the strange thing is when reviewing the pages revisions I see all my content. I have tried restoring to previous page version, and it looks like it goes through ok, but then no content is displayed.

Things I have tried:

Re-upload the database

Remove the wp_post table and upload this separately.

Wordpress database repair

Repaired the database through phpmyadmin

Another strange thing is, I have also tried Exporting the page through WordPress Import / Export, however when importing the page, the page doesn't display.

I have tried renaming the page before the export, and then importing the .xml file with the name page name, the import goes through however when I search for the newly imported page, it's no where to be found, however importing again states the "page already exists". (other pages import fine)

I have attached a screenshot of the page revision, as it shows there is content, and WordPress is pulling this from somewhere, however the page when editing, or when viewing this page it is blank.

Is there anything I am missing?

Do you have any suggestions to recover this page?

If you need any further information please don't hesitate to ask.

Many thanks for all your support in advance.