How to redirect users back to his question/answer page

So in Q&A setting, there is this setting: Thank You Page -
If questions and are saved as pending, user will be redirected to this page after submitting a question or answer.

But in the drop down list are all my pages. And none of the Q&A plug-in generated pages are in the list. I want user to go directly back to the question page which he just posted or answered after Login/Register, or just direct back there (if he/she already login).

And I want to question/answer show up immediately if user is login or successfully login/register. But the question/answer will NOT post if user did not successfully login or register (it show anyway after I cancel the login process).

  • aristath

    Hello there @hughred22,
    You can simply create a new page where you will thank your users for submitting their question, and informing them of the process so that they know that their question is pending a review from an administrator before being publicly posted.
    If you don't want questions to be held for moderation by an admin, then you can simply assign them the Immediately publish questions and answers (Otherwise they will be saved as pending) capability.

    I hope that helps!


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