How To "Refer A Friend"

Team WPMU,

I noticed on the Hub today this excellent spot to ""refer a friend" that gave points to members for referring friends, and those points could be redeemed. I remember Mr. Farmer writing a blog post about this referral program but didn't notice it on my Hub until now (picture attached).

My question is -- how can I do this with my own users?

It doesn't appear to work like the current version of affiliates, which onyl offers a cash payout via PayPal Masspay (requiring users to sign up for Paypal Masspay). I know I didn't sign up for a specific affiliate program, so that is also different from the current version of the Affiliates plugin, which requires members to sign up and generate a link.

Is Affiliates going to be updated to more closely match what you are doing on WPMU?