How To Remove Header On All Pages Except Home on Blogs MU Theme


How do I remove the big header areas on all pages except the home page in Blogs MU? (Blogs MU Child)

Users are complaining the design is not mobile friendly because so much screen real estate is consumed by the Header area on every page.


1) How to eliminate the top section where the logo is displayed
2) How to eliminate the top section where the network sub intro text is displayed

Users seem to want to see only the navigation menu at the top once they leave the home page.

I know that I can completely deactivate the custom header image in theme settings. However, i would still like for the custom header image to display on the home page, just not the other posts and pages. I also realize that I may be able to leave the header active in theme options and then selectively disable the header image on specific pages or posts using a custom header plugin, but have not tested that yet. Any recommendations on a plugin for that purpose?

WP Display Header looks promising.

Lastly, when the custom header image is active and displayed, the bottom edge of the image touches the page or past content area rather than positioning itself inside the header background area. How do I assure that 10-15 pixels of the header background displays below the custom header image when it is active?


Aside: I do hope WPMUDEV is working on some mobile friendly, responsive themes.