How to remove 'Next' and 'Previous' links on wikis

The Next and Previous links at the bottom of each wiki are seemingly random and not helpful. Based on a previous support thread I found (, these links are set up through wordpress and are based on the date the wiki was created. This is useful for blog posts but as wikis are never created in chronological order, useless for wikis. So I tried to remove the links by adding the following code to my canvas child theme:

.incsub_wiki .nav-next, .incsub_wiki .nav-previous{
display: none; visibility:hidden; !important;

However, it only removed the 'Next' link. Not the 'Previous'. I tried splitting up the code into two separate line items but it still only removed the 'Next' one.

The Next/Previous links also mess up the formatting for the links at the bottom. The links display on top of one another so you can't read what you are clicking on.

How do I remove the 'Previous' link from my wikis?

My site is at and the wikis are under 'Publication Profiles' from the main nav menu.