How to remove pages from main admin


How do you remove pages from the main admin on this theme, I want to link to them from various sections of the site but don't want them on the main nav?


  • drmike


    Welcome to WPMUDev.

    It's always a plus to provide a link when asking a question as well a check of your webserver's error logs in case you're having a problem. (You're not in this case but I thought I would mention it.) Most support forums operate in such a manner. Those who don't get "randomly" picked to feed Sue her weekly allowance of chocolate and, trust me, you don't want that task. :slight_smile:

    Take a look at the theme's header.php file. If you;re looking for the tabs, those are driven by a wp_list_pages call. You'll have to replace that with what you want in there.

    A link as well as specifically what you want in there is needed to provide a specific answer.

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