how to remove plugins from the wp admin bar

Hi Everyone

I'm using a number of WPMUDev plugins so I don't know which is the issue but I've been using Access Levels in Membership along with the user role editor to allow varying permissions to paying and non-paying members.

I'm delighted to have enabled paying members to post articles BUT at the same time they are now able to create a pricing table in the 'new' drop down menu as you can see on the screen grab.

I've used Branding plugin to help but there's no option to remove this plugin (along with the yoast SEO one!)

It's a problem for members to be able to add pricing tables but I can't find any settings to remove this ability.

Adding the plugin the negative rules in Membership isn't working, am I missing something? Or is it somewhere completley different?

Any help appreciated :slight_smile: