How to remove post content editor from the questions edit screen in the dashboard

In our instance of using Q&A we are not using the body content, only the title of the question. I've got the front end of the site all sorted out, but I'm trying to clean up the dashboard to make it more user friendly for the editorial staff. Even though we aren't using the body content, they still have some editorial tasks like SEO management, categories and tags. I want their interface to be tightly controlled only to the things they need.

On post edit screen for the question post type, I want to remove the post content editor in the most proper way possible. Right now, I'm simply hiding it with a little CSS, but is that the best method? Should I be deregistering something via php so it does it some programmatically elegant way?

I also want to remove the Discussion meta box too. Ironically, this would shouldn't even be there by default as your plugin's concept of Q&A doesn't support commenting so it really should be part of the of the custom post type when it is registered in the first place.

Please let me know if CSS is sufficient, or if there is a better way.

This is the CSS I'm using applied to the admin:

.post-type-question #postdivrich,
.post-type-question #commentsstatusdiv {
    display: none;