How to Remove the Sub-Menu Items from the Store Menu

I just started setting up MarketPress (for the first time) and the first thing I wanted to do was remove the sub-menus from the “Store” Menu.

After realizing there was no way to do so within the admin panels, I am now at the forums (1 hour after installing the plugin). The closest post i’ve found was this, wherein a user named benklocek, wrote thus:

I think the best hack at this point, is to create the menu items you want using custom menu items. The slugs can be found near the bottom here: http://yoursite/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=product&page=marketpress&tab=presentation

A good hack. But I want the homepage as listed, just not the sub-menu items. Ergo, when i created a custom menu using the slug “/store/” ( i.e. http://mysite/store/ ), the sub-menu’s come back!

The solution ( hack ) I wound up using is simply to leave the trailing slash off the menu link ( i.e. http://mysite/store ).

When I do this, no sub-menu’s.

Question: As this is not the first question related to this issue, can someone please contribute a clear explanation of exactly how to remove those sub-menu items? Better yet, put the functionality in the admin.