How to remove "Welcome to your new WordPress site!"

is there a way of removing this for new sites ?

Welcome to your new WordPress site!

If you need help getting started, check out our documentation on First Steps with WordPress. If you’d rather dive right in, here are a few things most people do first when they set up a new WordPress site. If you need help, use the Help tabs in the upper right corner to get information on how to use your current screen and where to go for more assistance.

Basic Settings

Here are a few easy things you can do to get your feet wet. Make sure to click Save on each Settings screen.

Choose your privacy setting

Select your tagline and time zone

Turn comments on or off

Fill in your profile

Add Real Content

Check out the sample page & post editors to see how it all works, then delete the default content and write your own!

View the sample page and post

Delete the sample page and post

Create an About Me page

Write your first post

Customize Your Site

Use the current theme — picolight — or choose a new one. If you stick with picolight, here are a few ways to make your site look unique.

Set a background color

Select a new header image

Add some widgets

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