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Hope you are having a pleasant day. I'm having a theme issue.

How do you replace Gridmarket branding with your own? For example, where is the gridmarket branding image stored? Is there a source on customizing (not installing) child themes (where you put images/media and how to point to them)? I remember little on css but php complicates.

  • Milan

    Hello @wpmu@dm1n,

    I hope for the same.

    To change branding of gridmarket. We have provided theme option in which you can change it's logo, ad,etc. For theme option goto Admin area -> Appearance -> Theme Options . there you can customize your branding.
    and here is the path to images from where gridmarket is fetching it's images wp-content -> themes -> framemarket -> themes -> gridmarket -> images. .

    Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

    Milan Savaliya
    Support Staff ( WPMUDEV ).

  • wpmu@dm1n

    Thank you for your reply. I should have said I looked at these options. The image with the "gridmarket" wording (that shows on the first page) is the one I want to replace. It is not stored in wp-content -> themes -> framemarket -> themes -> gridmarket -> images. And Themes Options does not seem to have an option to replace this image. It seems to be here: <div id="branding-wrapper">

  • Milan

    Hi @wpmu@dm1n,

    Here is how you can replace header image.

    Just go to Theme Options and first select "Save change" if you haven't done it yet. It will make options available to theme. After activating theme this is the first step you need to follow.

    Now go to Theme Options.

    #1 Select Type Of header to Custom Header.
    #2 You will see Add Custom Header button. Click on it.
    #3 It will open new page in which upload your header image and press save changes( See attachment for more detail )
    #4 Again navigate back to Theme Options. Make sure that you've selected Header Type to Custom Header
    #5 Save Theme Options.

    This will render your selected header image in place of gridmarket text.

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.


    Milan Savaliya
    Support Staff( WPMUDEV )

  • Milan

    Hi @wpmu@dm1n,

    I am glad that it helped you. :slight_smile:

    If you want to fully customize your site and want to take full control of your customization in your hand. you can switch to our modern and highly customized framework upfront.

    Upfront is our latest framework which gives you full control of customization of site from page creation to page designing.

    I recommended that you take some time to review upfront. I am sure you will surely like this.

    And here is plugins I found which can tweak some css for pages.
    #1 Ultimate Branding. This plugin you can use to tweak site customization in more depth.
    #2 Add Custom Csss. This plugin will help you to add custom css to posts/pages/ or to single post/page.

    For php modification I will suggest you create child theme and then change structure of html. here link which gives you more detail about child theme Child Themes.

    I hope this helps you.

    Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with..

    Milan Savaliya,
    Support Staff( WPMUDEV )

  • wpmu@dm1n


    This is great advice. And it is great that Upfront works with all the plug-ins. I looked at it a while ago and I know things are always changing. Is it necessary/possible to use child themes with upfront themes to keep changes after updates or to start over from scratch with the default options after mistakes? For example, would I make a child theme for Spirit?

    If so, is the process of creating and using a child theme the same or similar?

    If not, what is the process of updating Upfront themes without losing anything?

    Ultimate Branding seems much more versatile than I imagined. Can it also be used with Upfront or is that redundant?

    Thank you.

  • wpmu@dm1n


    Hope you are having a good day.

    I should clarify my previous post. I realize that Upfront has several child themes. But unlike the child themes you create manually, Upfront's child themes are also updated. I assume the purpose of a child theme is to protect (keep from losing) styling/alterations when the parent theme is updated? How do you do this when updating an Upfront child theme? Do you make a grand-child them of the child theme? If so, what are the steps?

    Hope this makes sense.

    Thank you.

  • Milan

    Hi @wpmu@dm1n,

    Hope you are having a good day.. :slight_smile:

    We could make grandchild themes but grandchild themes have many disadvantages over child themes. Main purpose of having child theme is to retain changes we've made in it's parent theme. Well grandchild themes does the same but it's not considered good choice.

    Here are the reasons why it is not a good choice..

    #1 Core wordpress developer have explicitly stated that this is not desirable behaviour, and they will not make efforts to support grandchild themes.
    #2 It's also considered very bad practice.
    #3 Sometime You will run into unknown issues.

    It seems like after these many minus point you should not use child theme.

    You may ask then what is the solution.?

    The solution is surprisingly simple. Instead of creating grandchild theme create a plugin which acts like grandchild theme. It’s very similar to creating a child theme, except you do it via a plugin. You add your custom functions to the plugin, just as you normally would in functions.php (though remember your plugin will be called much earlier than functions.php, so you’ll need to make sure that any code in your plugin only runs when an action is fired). Use the wp_register_style and wp_enqueue_style functions to add your CSS (by default a grandchild theme will add your CSS to the CSS of the parent or child theme, but you can change this behaviour by using the wp_dequeue_style function). Finally filter the result of the get_query_template function to control which PHP files are executed when a page is requested.

    Here is sample GrandChild theme as normal plugin.. :slight_smile:

    Plugin Name: Milan's Grandchild Theme
    Plugin URI:
    Description: A WordPress Grandchild Theme as a plugin
    Author: Milan Savaliya
    Version: 1.0
    Author URI:
    // These two lines ensure that your CSS is loaded alongside the parent or child theme's CSS
    add_action('wp_head', 'grandCT_add_headers', 0);
    add_action('init', 'grandCT_theme_CSS');
    // This filter replaces a complete file from the parent theme or child theme with your file (in this case the archive page).
    // Whenever the archive is requested, it will use YOUR archive.php instead of that of the parent or child theme.
    add_filter ('archive_template', create_function ('', 'return plugin_dir_path(__FILE__)."archive.php";')); //Assuming that archive.php file is created in plugin.
    function grandCT_add_headers () {
    function grandCT_theme_CSS() {
        wp_register_style ('grandchild_style', plugins_url('style.css', __FILE__), '', '', '' );
    // In the rest of your plugin, add your normal actions and filters, just as you would in functions.php in a child theme.

    I hope this helps you. :slight_smile:

    Milan Savaliya
    Support Staff( WPMUDEV )

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